Antwinette Scott
 Children’s Author

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Engaging and Hopeful Storytelling

Antwinette Scott Children’s Author in Sacramento, CA creates literature for children that comes from the imagination of author Antwinette Scott. Her ability to create stories that are engaging for children also delivers messages of hope, courage, and love through examples of family and the sharing of traditions and gifts passed on to new generations.

About the Author

Antwinette Scott makes her home in sunny Sacramento with her husband of 24 years and 5 beautiful children. Having penned random thoughts on paper for years, Scott finally decided to transform these scribbled ramblings into a children’s book.

This delightful read, Woobee’s Journey, is Scott’s newly published release while the author continues to work on other charming children’s books for young hearts and minds. With a love for children and God, it’s no surprise that Scott would eventually follow her calling to help children who are enduring pain and trials. She is committed to uplifting spirits of young children and illustrating the beauty of relationship and importance of memories that transcend time.

Love—profound, true love—is the main theme of her work, as she desires to write about real life and the truths that are hard to ignore. This may be her first book, but it certainly won’t be her last.

Antwinette Scott is a captivating new children’s book author with many ideas that are brewing until they’re ready to find their way to little hands – where they belong.


Overwhelmed by the goodness of God!!Woobee's Journey will be available in October for pre-order, just in time for the Christmas holidays.

Posted by Woobee's Journey on Monday, August 10, 2015