Antwinette Scott
 Children’s Author

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Books that Teach and Inspire

Antwinette Scott Children’s Author in Sacramento, CA announces two new offerings in our series of children’s books: Woobee’s Journey, a story illustrating the gifts that are shared across generations; and the upcoming addition of Kaleidoscope, an inspirational story of overcoming life’s challenges with strength and hope.

Woobee’s Journey

Woobee, handmade with love, was gifted to Isaiah from his grandmother when he was a little boy. The rambunctious Isaiah took his Woobee wherever he went.

But, when Grandma passes away, Woobee becomes more than just a security blanket, but a lasting memory of Isaiah’s grandma. Torn and battered, Woobee has seen it all. What some may just throw away, Woobee instead evolves, giving Isaiah the comfort he misses from his grandma.

As Isaiah grows, Woobee transforms too – from a blanket, to a cape, a pillow, a tie – and finally to a little patch of a handkerchief. Married, with children and now grandchildren of his own, Isaiah promises to hand down Grandma’s tradition by stitching Woobees for his own children and grandchildren in order to pass down the legacy.

Woobee’s Journey, is a sweet tale of Grandma’s touch of love, tenderly sewn into a seemingly ordinary blanket; but not just any blanket. It’s Isaiah’s Woobee – a special blanket that keeps the memory of Grandma alive.

Such a relatable and honest tale, Woobee’s Journey reminds readers that loved ones are never forgotten. Woobee’s Journey is a considerable teaching tool for young children to know that the ones we’ve cherished and lost will forever remain in our hearts.


Our new book entitled, Kaleidoscope, will be available October of 2016. An uplifting tale about overcoming adversity, Kaleidoscope tells the inspirational story of Lyric, a little girl with the challenge of Dyslexia.

Here is a nibble: 

Lyric is my name and I am just 8,

I love to draw, 

I love to create!! 

Kaleidoscope is how I see, take my hand and walk with me.

Now when I see,

I see so much more,


Is an open door!!!!